Documenting the process of inspecting grain ships from Ukraine. DP and Editor.

Empowering women and restoring forests in Cameroon. DP and Editor.

Recycling second hand clothes in Nairobi. DP for a project between the European Union and UNEP.

Visiting Amboseli National Park with Edward Norton. Co-DP and Editor.

On patrol with the Team Lioness rangers in Kenya. First DP.

Behind the scenes at Kukua's animation studio in Nairobi. DP.

On the Kenyan coast, the Watamu Marine Association has developed a business model that brings together local communities and the tourism industry to collect, repurpose and recycle plastic waste. DP and Edit

How has Coronavirus cut funding for conservation? DP and Edit with Florian Fussstetter.

From pastoralists on the ground to the pilots tracking swarms in the sky, meet the people on the frontlines of the battle against locusts in East Africa. DP.

A look at breakfast around the world in 7 dishes. DP for Kenyan segment.

One of eight videos edited for the World Bank SDGs & Her competition. Due to COVID-19 restrictions I was responsible for sourcing footage and directing self shot interviews remotely.

Mural painting with Msale, a Kenyan street artist using graffiti to spread the message about Coronavirus. DP. 

DP for a piece on Kenya's rose industry. Shot for Great Big Story.

Testing for mercury in Dandora, East Africa's largest dumpsite, where a Japanese team was experimenting with new mobile detecting equipment that could revolutionise field work. Produced for UN Environment in coordination with the second conference of the parties to the Minamata Convention. DP and Editor.

Informal gold mining in western Kenya is a controversial but important industry, providing jobs but also endangering people and the environment. DP, Editor, Photographer, Writer.

Despite one of the world's strictest bans on plastic bags, large amounts are still smuggled across the Ugandan border and sold on the black market. DP, Editor, Photographer, Writer.

A short documentary about a homeless camp and the people who run it. I collaborated with a small group and at various times worked as a writer, videographer, and editor.